Friday, April 18, 2014


I'm afraid I had to cancel the Easter Holiday post this year. Sorry! But here are some cool new Lego things!

My dad got me and my sisters a set from the Lego Movie! This is the cloud castle and Unikitty it came with. I rearranged the cloud castle a bit because I couldn't find some of the pieces, but I think it turned out pretty good.

One of the things the set came with was Wildstyle, but I put Wildstyle's hair on one of my mermaids instead of on Wildstyle. 

Here is a little "underwater" scene that me and my dad made.

Have you watched The Lord of The Rings? If you have, you might recognize this scene that my dad made. Isn't it cool?!

He even got some of the Lord of The Rings characters, including Legolas, my favorite character from the Lord of The Rings. Here he is with his bow and arrows. 

Bye for now!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Horse Camp and Book Reviews!

                                                 Hello! I just got back from horse camp!

We got to ride horse and ponies. This is me on Butters. And sometimes we got to ride on our own, too! 

Also, I have started a GoodReads account. Click HERE to read some of my book reviews. I'm going to be reviewing some Dragon Slayers Academy books soon, as well as some more Magic Tree House books and American Girl books. (I just finished some library books.)

Easter is coming soon! I will do a Easter post soon. 

Peace, Love, and Horses!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Legos and other Photos!

I hope you all had a good St. Patrick's Day! 

Raise your hand if you like Legos! Me, my sisters, and my dad were just making a Lego town yesterday. My dad made this Lego cottage for me as a surprise, and I decorated it and added some other things too.


Here is my dad's cabin:

Isn't it awesome? 

Look at this cool photo my mom took of me:

 The quote is from Peter Pan. 

Hey, guess who's in the new Muppet movie? Me!!!

 Hehe, just kidding!

What do you do when your dad's in the grocery store and you're waiting for him in the car with your sisters and mom? Take a silly photo, of course!

That's all for today!

Peace, love, and boogie boards!


Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie!

     St. Patrick's day is in four days! Here is how to make a yummy St. Patrick's Day Smoothie!

                                                                    You Will Need:

                                                  1 to 2 peeled lemons, seeds removed
                                          2 cups sliced Granny Smith apples, seeds removed
                                                                    1 cup yogurt
                                                     1 to 2 handfulls of fresh spinach

                              Instructions: Blend all the ingredients together in a blender, and enjoy!

                                                            Peace, love, and four leaf clovers!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Which Pet to Get? On Webkinz!

If you don't know, Webkinz is a fun online virtual world game similar to Animal Jam that I play. I've been having a lot of trouble deciding which pet to get, so maybe you can help me! Here are my favorite pets, what I like about them, what they come with, and what I will name them if I get them. Comment which one you (personally) like the best!

                  Option #1: Lovely Panda 

What I Like About Lovely Panda: I love the hearts around her eyes, how she is an Asian panda, how her face is so happy looking, and how she comes with fortune cookies and a cherry blossom tree! 

What Lovely Panda Comes With: Friendship Fortune Cookies and Pink Blossom Hideout! 

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Li Ming or Yue Yan!

Option #2: Peace Unicorn

What I Like About Peace Unicorn: I love her glittery horn and hooves, her cute eyes, her peace signs, and her peace sign pancakes!

What Peace Unicorn Comes With: Harmony Hammock and Peaceful Pancakes!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Glitter, Princess, or Violet!

Option #3: Pretty Peacock

What I Like About Pretty Peacock: I love her bright, pretty colors, her pretty eyes, and her fun face!

What Pretty Peacock Comes With: Cool Breeze Plumage Fan and Flower Petal Porridge!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Raina, Caroline, or Ginny!

Option #4: Ice Fawn

What I Like About Ice Fawn: I love her shimmery blue fur, her white wings, and how she comes with chocolate cupcakes with cool icing design!

What Ice Fawn Comes With: Frosted Ice Cakes (I love that name!) and Musical Ice Box!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Elsa (after Elsa in Frozen) Isabelle, Isabella, or Sparkle!

Option #5: Pretty Kitty

What I Like About Pretty Kitty: I love her cute kittiness, (I made kittiness up, of course!) her pink and green bow, and her ribbon tail!

What Pretty Kitty Comes With: Fishy Finger Cakes and Ribbon Tutu Dress!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Rose, Strawberry, Daisy, Katie, Claire, GiGi, Lucy, or Carrie!

Option #6: Tropical Island Pup

What I Like About Tropical Island Pup: I love her colors, her hibiscus flower design, and her beach style!

What Tropical Island Pup Comes With: Beachside Gazebo and Fresh Flower Cocktail!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Kanani, (after American Girl of The Year 2011) Hawaii, (after my favorite state) Oceane, (it's pronounced oh-see-ann) Emily, Sophie, or Lisa!

                                                         That's all! Hope you enjoyed! 

                                                             Peace, love, and kitties!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beach and Valentine's Day Photos!


I hope you had a chocolatey Valentine's Day! Here are some photos of my Valentine's Day!

Mmm, pancakes with chocolate sauce!

My aunt made me this cool Valentine!

Ginger got a dinosaur valentine!

My mom and dad made me and my sisters, Ashley and Ginger, this Valentine!

My grandma and grandpa sent me these cute stickers!

We went to the beach at Encinitas! I found some really cool shells!

I helped Ginger to make her very first sandcastle! 

Ginger said she wanted to "look for mermaids" but she was scared of the waves so I picked her up. =)

Peace, love, and cupcakes!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014! Warning to Boys: Very Girly Post!

Valentine's Day is so close! First I'm going to give you a tour of my Valentine's Day den!

                                                                    The front lawn:

                                           The room that I don't know what to call:

The Tea Room:

The Dining Room:

The Lounge Room:

My Bedroom:

Here are my favorite Valentine's Day books that you can buy on Amazon or get from the library:

Juliet the Valentine's Day Fairy:

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Valentine's Day Secret

American Girl Chrissa

Heart to Heart with Mallory

And here's how to make a "love potion"!

You'll need:
Cranberry or pomegranate juice or red fruit or berry punch or cranberry or pomegranate Izze
An envelope label or a piece of paper 
A red pen, marker, or colored pencil
Heart stickers
A clear cup

Instructions: Pour your selected red beverage into the cup. Write Love Potion in curly lettering on the label or piece of paper. Attach the label to the cup. Decorate with heart stickers. Makes a great Valentine's Day party refreshment!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Wishing you lots of chocolate and fun,