Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend

On Saturday we went to Santa Rosa Plateau. I brought Nancy with me on Saturday, but I forgot to take photos of her. 

Here's me and Ashley and Ginger walking down the bridge at Santa Rosa Plateau. You can't really see Ginger because she's in front of Ashley. 

Here's me and Ginger walking on the trail. 

We all took turns holding hands with Ginger. Here's my dad's turn, with me and Ashley farther up ahead.

Here's us on the 300 year old tree. My parents are going to use this photo for our Christmas card.

On Sunday we went to Lake Skinner. On the way we stopped at Target so my mom could quickly run in while we waited in the car. Here's Ginger taking the car for a joyride. Hahaha!

As we drove to Lake Skinner we passed some army men in tank-looking cars. I waved to them. They certainly saw me, but the were quite content on just sitting in the car with serious faces. 

Here's me at Lake Skinner. Isn't the lake so pretty?! I love how it's glittering.

Well, that's the pictures from the weekend! We also went to an all gluten free cafe and bakery for lunch and a treat each, but I forgot to take photos of that. I had a yummy pulled pork sandwich and a sugar cookie. Also, here's a picture Lauren made!

One more thing: My collage from American Girl's new My Style Collage game!

Well, that's all for today. Wishing you a day full of fun,


  1. war did you get the yellow sweter

    1. It's actually light green. I got it from Justice.