Saturday, December 7, 2013

Three day trip!


Me and my family are on a three day trip! Yesterday we went to Ashley's horse back riding lessons, and I ate trail mix and chatted with a horse named BeBe while she rode. (My riding lessons don't start for a couple weeks.)

After that we drove to my parents' friend Dr. Murphy's brother's house. 

Here is the fish tank.

Me, Ashley, and Ginger really like this cat. (Which was not surprising at all to my parents because I'm obsessed with cats and kittens.)

At 5:00 we decided to go to a gluten free pizza place for dinner. Here's me, Ashley, Ginger, and Dr. Murphy when we got out of the car. I'm the one in the blue sweater. 

The palm trees had lights wrapped around their trunks. Ginger thought they were so cool!

On the way back to Dr. Murphy's brother's house we stopped by a grocery store to get goat brie cheese, BBQ flavored potato chips, and dairy free chocolate ice cream for a delicious, after dinner snack. Then the adults sat and talked while Ashley played with a toy car, and me and Ginger sat on the giant bean bag chair and watched Good Luck Charlie, Jessie, and The Suite Life on Deck on the laptop. Soon Ginger fell asleep.

After breakfast in the morning Ginger played with some Pet Shops. I just love this picture because it's so colorful.

Soon after that Nancy packed up her backpack and suitcase and put her "pet kitten" Praline in her pet carrier, and in a few minutes we'll be leaving for my parents' other friend's house and then we're going to a birthday party.

That's all for today!


  1. hi Zoe can you do a post about how to make doll stocking stuffers for Christmas

  2. Of course!! That's a great idea!!