Friday, February 21, 2014

Which Pet to Get? On Webkinz!

If you don't know, Webkinz is a fun online virtual world game similar to Animal Jam that I play. I've been having a lot of trouble deciding which pet to get, so maybe you can help me! Here are my favorite pets, what I like about them, what they come with, and what I will name them if I get them. Comment which one you (personally) like the best!

                  Option #1: Lovely Panda 

What I Like About Lovely Panda: I love the hearts around her eyes, how she is an Asian panda, how her face is so happy looking, and how she comes with fortune cookies and a cherry blossom tree! 

What Lovely Panda Comes With: Friendship Fortune Cookies and Pink Blossom Hideout! 

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Li Ming or Yue Yan!

Option #2: Peace Unicorn

What I Like About Peace Unicorn: I love her glittery horn and hooves, her cute eyes, her peace signs, and her peace sign pancakes!

What Peace Unicorn Comes With: Harmony Hammock and Peaceful Pancakes!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Glitter, Princess, or Violet!

Option #3: Pretty Peacock

What I Like About Pretty Peacock: I love her bright, pretty colors, her pretty eyes, and her fun face!

What Pretty Peacock Comes With: Cool Breeze Plumage Fan and Flower Petal Porridge!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Raina, Caroline, or Ginny!

Option #4: Ice Fawn

What I Like About Ice Fawn: I love her shimmery blue fur, her white wings, and how she comes with chocolate cupcakes with cool icing design!

What Ice Fawn Comes With: Frosted Ice Cakes (I love that name!) and Musical Ice Box!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Elsa (after Elsa in Frozen) Isabelle, Isabella, or Sparkle!

Option #5: Pretty Kitty

What I Like About Pretty Kitty: I love her cute kittiness, (I made kittiness up, of course!) her pink and green bow, and her ribbon tail!

What Pretty Kitty Comes With: Fishy Finger Cakes and Ribbon Tutu Dress!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Rose, Strawberry, Daisy, Katie, Claire, GiGi, Lucy, or Carrie!

Option #6: Tropical Island Pup

What I Like About Tropical Island Pup: I love her colors, her hibiscus flower design, and her beach style!

What Tropical Island Pup Comes With: Beachside Gazebo and Fresh Flower Cocktail!

What I Will Name Her If I Get Her: Kanani, (after American Girl of The Year 2011) Hawaii, (after my favorite state) Oceane, (it's pronounced oh-see-ann) Emily, Sophie, or Lisa!

                                                         That's all! Hope you enjoyed! 

                                                             Peace, love, and kitties!



  1. Hey, Zoe. Did you make your decision on which Webkinz to get? My personal favorite is the Lovely Panda. She is so pretty and I love her heart eyes. I also adore the names you picked out for her. :) A close second is the Ice Fawn. I really like the gifts that she coms with.

  2. Hi Summer!
    Yes I did! Thanks for asking! I decided to get the Lovely Panda! I'm naming her Li Ming. Speaking of names, I love yours! I sounds so sunshiny and fun!